Love Feast: Together at the Table

by Martha Johnson Bourlakas

• Vulnerable, honest, funny
• Written for women — and men — of faith
• Tackles head-on the difficulties and joys of family life, especially with a "special needs" child

With autism diagnoses rising, more and more parents find the challenges of caring for an autistic child added to the everyday strains and stresses—and joys of family life. In a deeply personal, honest, humorous set of essays, Martha Johnson Bourlakas grapples with life—life as a person of faith, life as a wife and mother, life as a clergy spouse (her husband is bishop of Southwestern Virginia), life as the parent of a developmentally disabled young adult, life as one unable to maintain pretense. Reading these essays is like sitting down over coffee with a good friend to commiserate and laugh with someone who understands.

Love Feast Cover

Love Feast is an intricate tapestry of words, stories, colors, and memories that will linger in your heart and soul long after you put the book down. Martha, a storyteller in the truest sense of the word, greets us at the door of her perfectly imperfect life, and invites us in, reminding us never to lose sight of love.” — Roger Hutchison, artist and author, Under the Fig Tree

“With Love Feast, Martha Bourlakas hosts a sumptuous banquet for the soul. Taste and savor each morsel, each sacred story she shares. But don’t stop there. Continue the feast by giving this book to others, using it as catalyst for the sharing of your own sacred stories with one another.” — Scott Stoner, Director, Living Compass